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3 days Ayurveda Retreat “Panchakarma”: harmony and health weekend with SPA, yoga, meditations… 2020


Ayurveda Retreat PANCHAKARMA  | Enjoy Real Shanti Moment

Welcome to the place where lives, your majesty, Shanti – Peace

Om Shanti Shanti om…


We bring more than 10 years exceptional experience of ayurvedic retreats for families, adults and couples in Lithuania and India. This time we invite you to re’treat and restart your body, mind and soul enriching your world with a moment of Shanti (sansk. – “peace”)   #Adults only.

PANCHAKARMA  -  in sanskrit “pancha” means – five; “karma” action, this Ayurveda 3 day weekend retreat based on Panchakarma ayurvedic therapy that includes massage, Shirodhara – oil pouring on a third eye” and daily yoga, meditation, spiritual workshops, rebirthing-breathwork, body movement, ayurveda lessons, personal consultation, vegetarian meal and daily concept of ayurvedic lifestyle. You have to experience it for yourself even if you have never tried it before! Enrich your daily life with clean body and mind, without stress, depressive mood, anxiety, insomnia – enrich with a peace of enjoying moment now.

What’s Provided:

We design this experience as a balance between work life and taking advantage of the exceptional quality of life based on Ayurveda.

  • Private accommodations living 2 persons in apartment in spectacular green forest valley located next to lake at “Margio krantas“ villa with daily  ayurvedic meal.
  • A full-time lounge space, outside terazza where you can enjoy the moment with a book, silence next to a cup of tea.
  • Fully dedicated team of experienced our ayurvedic center SHANTI practitioner, proffesional of ayurveda, yoga, massage masters.
  • Full day various practices: yoga, meditation, massage and other.


PROGRAME DETAILS (for each participant):


  • 3 days (2 nights) accommodation in the peaceful valley of forest next to the lake, at  „Margio krantas“ villa  – that will touch your soul with a power of nature.
  • 3 days DETOX  DIET  – fresh and balanced  vegetarian meal based on Ayurvedic kitchen (meal could be also specially prepared for vegans).
  • 2 PANCHAKARMA Massage Therapies 90 min. – whole body ayurvedic  oil massage Abhyanga balancing all doshas (vata/pitta/kapha) , shirodhara  – oil pouring on a “third eye” therapy that “wash” away all the mental and physical stress, Nasya – cleaning of nasal passages  using  special herbalized  oil which nourishes nose, throat, sinus. Panchakarma is one of the most popular ayurvedic treatment therapy for human in the world applied at certified Ayurvedic medicine clinics. At retreat we provide specially designed this therapy version for our ayurvedic SPA SHANTI centers.
  •  2 Sauna Rituals with a herbal scrub and self-massage - this sauna is based on Baltic region traditions and Ayurveda experience. Sauna is an integral part of Panchakarma therapy, all the accumulated toxins in the body will be removed with a sweat.
  • Full day practices:  yoga, meditation,  movement therapies, gong therapy, rebirthing-breathwork and other. Practices may vary within a day, each practice take 1-1,5 hour.
  • Full day lessons/seminars:  ayurveda lessons, dosha test, consultation and other. 


Be noted, Panchakarma therapy will be held independently of the ongoing program, for each person will be appointed special time for massage.


Upcoming dates:

24-26 APRIL, 2020




PLACE: „Margio krantas“ villa, Trakai district, Lithuania

Direction details: about 45 min./40 km from Vilnius International  Airport ;  60 min./89 km Kaunas Airport;  3,5 hours/355 km Palanga Airport; 10 min./10 km by car to historical place Trakai Island Castle/History Museum.



  • 550 € for 1 person living in double room with other person – early bird price valid  til 20th MARCH, 2020; later  -590 € for 1 person.
  • Save up! 510 € x 2 persons = 1020 € booking instantly for two persons living in double room– early bird price valid  till 20th MARCH, 2020; later  -1100 € = 550 € x 2 persons

Reservation requires prepayment 200 € /person that is not. The prepayment is not refunded if participation canceled.






Viber/Whatsapp: Eglė +370 671 96019, Gulera +37065611362



Organizators: Ayurvedic center SPA SHANTI & SHANTI | SPA Academy

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